5 Tips for Successful Baidu SEM Ads in China

In principle, paid search ads on Baidu work just like Google Ad. You bid on keywords, displaying ad and baidu feed ad by bidding at pay per click, but it is really different. Here iStarto Baidu Ad team list 5 tips for successful Baidu SEM ad in China as top China digital advertising agency.

1. Language – Be fluent in Chinese

You have to be fluent in Chinese – not just to choose the right keywords and write compelling ad copy, but the account management interface is all in Chinese too. Same if you need the supporting of China baidu agency.

2. Get an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license

you will need to first have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license issued by the government before launching Baidu ad campaign. This process may take a month or longer.

3. Host your website in China

As China regulations, if you have a domain name at .cn, you are required to host your website in your server based in China. It is different culture in China from western countries. China government In fact, effective government management actually has a profound tradition in Chinese culture.

The Chinese government think traditionally that it has full responsibility for the public interest and it must protect the public interest. If the website fails to be effectively supervised by government power, there will happen serious incidents.

4. Overcome distractions in Baidu search results from that of Google

Not only is there more paid search ads on the page, but it’s possible for multiple ads to display images (unlike Google which only lets the top-ranked ad display an image, and only if that advertiser is whitelisted). Here I used a western used keywords – image extension, which was ever a beta products in Google Adword but didn’t become a standard ad format. In Baidu, the image extensions have diverse formats as Baidu Brand Zone that is customized for VIP customer at the basis bidding rule at CPT(Cost per time).

5. Earn Baidu’s “seal of approval”

Baidu verification badgeNext to each ad on Baidu there is a blue V symbol with either a 1, 2, or 3 next to it. V3 means your website has the highest level of trust with Baidu and a website with a higher V symbol will outrank a website with a lower V symbol, all else equal.

Earn Baidu's "seal of approval"