9 Steps to Open a Baidu PPC Account

Opening a Baidu PPC account is much more steps compared with opening a Google Ad account. As a Baidu Advertising Agency, we often receive many inquiries from global companies that is new comer to China market. Most of them are confused about Baidu Account Application processing.

Nowadays, the Chinese government announced increased regulation for online advertising, which led Baidu to develop a stricter and longer application process for PPC accounts.

How to apply for a Baidu PPC Account ? Here iStarto Baidu Advertising Team lists 9 steps. in it, it includes a breakdown of the complete procedure, as well as a list of required documents, to open a Baidu PPC account. It’s a realistic outline of 9 steps to help you get started with this key piece to an overall digital marketing plan in China.

1. Get Your Chinese Website Ready

First of all, you should have your website in Mandarin Chinese. As Baidu targets Chinese consumers, the ad platform recommends Chinese language ads for better engagement with your audience.

Although English language sites are fine for Baidu ads, the bounce rate will be quite  high. It is really a fact that it wastes money on targeting consumers who can’t read your website.

Companies do have to ensure your own site can be opened in mainland China in several second with adequate site speed. Web loading experience plays an important role on its advertising performance during Baidu website verification.

Creating a well-designed Chinese website before applying a Baidu PPC account is the foundation for a successful starting. Learn more about Web Building Service provided by iStarto.

Build an responsive Chinese website  will increase a higher engagement.

2. Identify Your Location and Contact the Regional Baidu Reseller

Baidu only accepts local clients. iStarto, leading ad agency company, as Baidu resellers to asssist international companies to handle the PPC business, including setting up new accounts.

For companies with locations in China, they need to contact the local Baidu division or resellers directly. For example, a company with an office in Beijing should contact the Baidu Beijing division. If an office is located in a city without any Baidu division, you need to get in touch with the local reseller.

The majority of western companies looking to gain a presence in China, but don’t yet have an office in China. In these cases, they need to contact an overseas reseller that provides Baidu service in the company’s home country. Or contact iStarto Baidu team to coordinate with you.

3. Your Company Name and Website are required

Before applying for Baidu Ad account, you will be asked to provide your company’s website address. This is the first step to verification. Baidu needs to verify if your site is valid, and if your industry is permitted to conduct search advertising.

For example, gambling and pornographic websites are not allowed for search ads. Some particular industries, such as financial, medical, drug, and health products, are difficult to get the permission and Baidu may require additional certificate or licenses.

4. Submit Supporting Documents

After your site has passed the first verification from Baidu, you will be asked to submit a complete list of legal documents for further evaluation. For foreign companies, five documents are needed:

  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate and the handwritten statement.

Copy of Business Registration Certificate and the handwritten statement‘文件与原文件一致’ (“it is same as the original”).The certificate should include your company name, registered office, company number and company name change paper, if applicable.

  • Simplified Chinese Translation of Business Registration Certificate.

Website homepage screenshot (showing URL) and written statement ‘与网站一致’ (it is same as the website”).Most of marketers in foreign companies feel it strange that is different from Google Advertising and ask why Baidu request it?

Baidu need evaluate your website further to verify if the site can be loaded,non-phishing websites as the listed companyis society responsibility. The site should be with no dead links, and in it, the audience can find company name, address,contact info, company introduction information, business registration certificate number.

If necessary, you have to adjust the website content to adhere to Baidu’s stringent requirements. In particular, the “About Us” or “Contact Us” page should include the full registered name of the company, company address, and phone number.

  • Local government official website search

Go to your local government official website to search for your company information, and then submit a screenshot of the final query page showing URL. You have to provide the page with your handwritten statement ‘与网站一致’ (“it is same as the website”). If Chinese translation is needed, you can put the Chinese words on the side of every English character on the same page.

  • Business Bank Account Statement

You also need provide your business bank account to prove your business is normally running. This includes bank account information, local tax payment certificate, check, bank statement, bank payment order form. You can provide any one of the above.

For example, if you provide the bank account information, you should include bank name, business account name, account number, bank branch name (if applicable), and bank branch address.

here is an additional request on the language.

All the documents in a foreign language must be provided with a translation.All submitted documents are required to be stamped with advertiser’s official company seal/chop. The name of the advertising company needs to be shown.Scanning of these documents needs to be in full color and be sent with a handwritten statement “与原件一致” (“same as original”). The company stamp could be replaced by the signature of an authorized staff member of the advertiser. The letter of commitment or authorization signed and stamped by the client. Different Baidu resellers may require a different letter of commitment.Also you can use.

5. Be Patient and Follow Up on the Process

Usually it takes 2-4 weeks to have a Baidu PPC account approved after you submit all the documents. You have to communicate with your representatives frequently to make sure things are moving forward. The evaluation process is strict, and keep patient.You need to revise or resubmit the particular documents until all of them get approved.

When you’re waiting for final approval, you can start to prepare your advertising planning on keyword research, confirmed keyword lists, and design ads. If you have all these things ready, you can set up the account as soon as you win Baidu Account access.

6. Sign the Contract

Sign Baidu Campaign contract is also another foundation as Baidu account application.

The contract can vary. If you’re working with an agency, it will be signed with your agency. If you’re setting up the account directly, it will be signed by Baidu or Baidu representatives. Some Baidu resellers may not be able to provide an English contract, so plan on extra time for the translation and review.

7. Make a Down Payment

Baidu requires pre-paying the down payment for PPC ad spends.

The payment process can be a challenge for a non-Chinese company since Baidu does not accept any form of international payment methods. You need to transfer your ad budget to the Baidu reseller through an international wire transfer.

Make sure you get the Baidu reseller’s complete bank information to ensure the money is transferred successfully. If your reseller is located in Mainland China, you need transfer the amount in RMB and let it assist your to solve the problem.

8. Activate Your Baidu PPC Account

This is the final step. Once Baidu receives your pre-payment, they will release you PPC account within 3-5 working days, and get an account name and temporary password. Change the password after logging in the first time.

Then you should be able to set up the account and begin running campaigns quickly. Remember that you need fully understand your target audience deeply and leverage Baidu PPC tools to make your campaigns as targeted as possible.

9. Choose a leading digital marketing agency

It is quite important to have a great team to work with you, specially when you start to run your market campaigns.

Building an in-house team to take care of the entirety of your digital marketing efforts is a practical impossibility for many businesses.

The skills your company needs are either hard to come by or too expensive. What’s more, it won’t be financially feasible to hire someone for a full or even part-time placement if you don’t need their skills constantly and consistently.

A digital marketing agency will retain employees in a range of different roles and can apply the right mix of skills to meet your campaign objectives.This happens seamlessly for you, with the knowledge they have built up about your brand objectives shared throughout your campaign team.

Thinktank idea from iStarto

As the Chinese online advertising marketing is more regulated, it does require patience, perseverance, and expertise of the Chinese market. Baidu PPC is still one of the most effective and efficient digital marketing vehicles in China and the extra effort will be pay off in the long run.

In order to provide transparent services, iStarto will launch our digital marketing after-sales service platform to pipeline your digital steps for China, the most promising market in the world.

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